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Donations In Special Memory of a Loved One

In memory of Brian Brock.

This is a donation in honor of Brian Brock, a young man who passed away too soon – a young man who loved German shepherds. May he rest in peace!
~ Karen Porter

In memory of Glenn Spaur.

Glenn was our cousin with a love for gsd’s, our donation would honor him for what you do to help this breed
~ Marjorie Cain

~ Ruby Spaur

~ John Stauffer

~ Steven & Eugena Spaur

In memory of Jonathan Tregerman.

Words cannot express how much I miss and love you. I know your heart would be full of how much good you’ll be doing for the German Shepherds of Colorado. I love you so.
~ Hethyr Tregerman

In special memory of Jonathan Tregerman, with loving thoughts from Hethyr’s Chicago family.
~ Wendy Jackson

In honor of Jonathan Tregerman and his love of dogs.
~ Brian Tregerman

In memory of Sandy Jump

This is a donation in honor of Sandy Jump who died 04/03/2015. Made also in honor of my niece Hallie who has gone to school to be a vet. She had Klinger at one time. All dog and animal lovers.

In memory of Jim Hazlewood

In loving memory of Jim Hazlewood from Jo Roberts, Rhonda & Dennis Powers, Jack & Donna Clanton

In memory of Dorothy Burke

In loving memory of our Mother, Dorothy Burke and her sweet “Jenny”. Mom loved German Shepherds dearly and Jenny was very special and her loyal companion for 14 years.

In memory of Mac Buckles

In special memory of Mac Buckles.

In memory of Kari Sanders

In special memory of Kari Sanders who’s love for gsd’s was her life.

In memory of Aunt Margot

In special memory of Aunt Margot of Hawaii who passed away last year. She always had a gsd for a companion and we know she would want to support your work on their behalf.

In memory of Nicholas Andrew Strange

Donation made with love for Nicholas Andrew Strange (July 12, 1963-October 13, 2011). Nick loved all dogs, but had a special place in his heart for German Shepherds. Thank you to all friends and family who donate here in remembrance of him.

In memory of Laura Rinna

Laura Rinna born on 10/2/58, passed away on 8/30/11 has requested donations be made to GSROR. She is survived by her husband Dennis.

In memory of Allison Lynne Manlove

I make this donation to the German Shepherd Rescue of the Rockies in the name of Allison Lynne Manlove, a young woman taken from us too soon, who loved to help the animals.In memory of Carol Heintz

Carol loved all animals especially dogs. At one time she raised and showed Weimaraners but has rescued quite a few dogs of different breeds through the years and felt each one was special. The last dog she & George rescued was ill and they weren’t sure if “Savor” would make it – but with Carol’s dedication “Savor” is having a nice long life. Their little mini-Boston Terrier is headed to the Rainbow Bridge due to old age and health problems – (maybe Carol will be there to greet her, says George!) Carol has never had a German Shepherd but if one ever needed help she certainly wouldn’t hesitate. She enjoyed our GS “Murdoch” and saw him from the time he was 12 wks old when we were all living in Buena Vista. I don’t think she ever got to meet “Heidi” – because they moved from Colorado.

In memory of Orvilla Otte

This donation is in honor of Orvilla Otte.